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How to Register a Boat in Canada?

Buying a boat, vessel, or pleasure craft is considered as an investment but if you are preparing to make a financial return from that then you have to do a fair amount of research. It is very important to understand the different types of maritime transportation long with that you should have to understand there are different types of pleasure craft available to Canadian boaters. It will be great to find out the best option for yourself through which you can do some maritime business and get a profit out of that. If you have some questions regarding with the documentation work related to the boat then there are portals available through which you can complete all the work in a professional way and you will not face any kind of difficulty.

For the boat owners, there are not many destinations in the world but one of the best destinations for them is Ontario Canada. The Canadian province is home to more than one-fifth of the entire world's water suppliers and with that in mind, Ontario is home to multiple amounts of freshwater lakes for boaters and outdoors enthusiasts. If you want to understand the transport Canada registry then you should have to identify the right way to do that. If you are planning to buy a boat, then nothing is cut and dried. If you want to know that how the Canadian boat or vessel registry paperwork works then the boat owners have to follow a specific process when they are buying a boat. There are different portals available through which you will be able to sort out the details of the streamlining of buying process along with the documentation. But when it comes to the registration then you should have to follow the proper process which is available on the online portal or you can visit the documentation center.

If you already have a boat, but you want to register in Canada then you must have to follow the process of registering a boat in Canada. If you are worried that how you can do it then no need to worry you just have to check the online option but still if you face a lot of difficulty in doing that, then connecting with the third-party private companies will be the better option. There are multiple private companies and mediators available who are helping the people to complete the documentation work whether it is about the registration, change of ownership, licensing, transferring, alteration, deletion, or any other work. You can connect with the professionals and share your requirements and on the basis of that, they can assist you with all the solutions from the initial level to the end level. Once you connect with them, then they will take over each and everything and you will not have to worry about doing things on your own. The professionals will take care of things professionally and provide you the assistance in a better way.

Download the Form for Pleasure Craft Registration

Having a boat or vessel is really a great option for a person, but using it in the proper way will give you more profit. If you also want to maximize your profit by using the boat, pleasure craft, or vessel you have, then you have to use it for commercial purposes. If you are planning to have it then you have to complete the documentation work whether it is about the registration, licensing, permission, and all. Once you complete the documentation work, then you can start a fishing business or other maritime business that can give you more profit. If you are having the documents, then you should have to go with that otherwise you can apply for the document.

There are simple procedures available through which you can complete the documentation work, whether it is about the registration, licensing, permission, or any other document related work. If you want to complete the pleasure craft registration, then you can check out the pleasure craft registration form, which is available on the online portal and you can download and complete it by attaching the document and the required fees. Once you complete all the formalities then you can submit it through online or by visiting the documentation center. With an easy step application process, you will be able to complete the registration process and even there are private firms also available who can assist you with the registration process. You can take the assistance from the third party private companies who are assisting the people with the registration work or other documentation work whether it is about the pleasure craft, boat, vessel, or any other option. If you have any doubt or you facing any difficulty then reaching out to a professional will be the better option.

If you want to register your boat or vessel, then you have to understand the process of that specific area. You can check out the details to register boat Canada from where you can get the details about completing the registration forms. You will be able to complete any of the online Canadian registry forms whether it is about the first time registration, renewal, mortgage, application of changing your address, deletion, alteration, provisional certificate replacement, certificate transfer of ownership, and more. Hence, whatever the requirements you have regarding with the boat registry forms, you will get everything at a single place. It will be better to take the assistance from the professionals who can guide you with the proper procedure and provide you the assistance that can make your documentation work more simple and easy. There are third-party agencies available that will handle the Canadian vessel for the Canadian boat registration process available to transport Canada. If you have any questions regarding the process or you won't understand more about it, then checking on the official website will be a better way. Therefore, for completing the documentation work which is available online, so you just have to follow the steps and get the work done in a professional way.

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What is a Pleasure Craft License? What Do You Need it For?

Have you been wondering just what is a pleasure craft license? Have you been deciding whether a pleasure craft license or vessel registration is right for you and your vessel? The truth is that they’re very different things. For many, getting a pleasure craft license will be a necessity, a way of being able to use their vessel on the water in the manner they would like. Here at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we’ve helped so many vessel owners to find, acquire, and maintain the right licensing or registration.

So What is a Pleasure Craft License?
At its basic, most simple level, this license serves as a form of identification for a vessel. That has many benefits, not the least of which is that it makes it that much easier for search and rescue personnel to be able to access crucial information (and find the vessel quicker) in an emergency. As you might be able to infer from the name, this is for a vessel that’s used primarily for recreation, for having fun, or even for daily living. Better still: this license is free.

Why Would Someone Need This?
You need to have this license if you have a pleasure craft that has more than 7.5 kW or ten horsepower. Now, you may ask the question: “how do I know if I have a pleasure craft?” The simplest way to answer this question is to ask another question: “are you going to use the vessel to make money?” If no, then it’s a pleasure craft. If, say, you were going to use your vessel as a paid ferry across a body of water, or for transporting goods, or for commercial fishing, then it’s not a pleasure craft. If you’re just using it to have fun (I. E. for “pleasure”) then it’s a pleasure craft.

Is There an Alternative to the License?
Vessels that are going to be used for commerce should be registered, and go through the “vessel registration” process. You can do that at our site as well. Additionally, many vessels that have motors which are equal to or more than 7.5 kW/10 horsepower (but under 15 gross tonnes) may also need to be registered. Specifically, they would go on the “Small Vessel Registry,” which you can also find the documentation for at our site.

All the Canadian Vessel Documentation You Could Need
Simply put, if you have a vessel in Canada, we have the forms that you need. Whether you’re going to use your vessel for pleasure, for commerce, or for any other reason (such as a bareboat charter) you can find the corresponding forms at our site. Moreover, as our site is optimized for mobile devices, you’ll not only be able to find the forms, you’ll be able to fill them out that much faster, too. To see everything that we offer Canadian vessel owners like yourself, head to our site today.

Processing BC Pleasure Craft License Through Your Phone

Have you tried to sit down to fill out a BC pleasure craft license only to find that you can’t focus and finish it? Does the idea of languishing in front of your desktop computer for hours on end just to fill out a pleasure craft license form fill you with revulsion? We absolutely understand. With the nicer spring and summer weather, the last thing anyone wants to do with their free time is to spend it filling out boat documentation forms. That is where we come in. You can fill out the forms you need at our site through your phone or any other device.

How to Process BC Pleasure Craft License Through Your Phone
The process to fill it out on your phone is simplicity itself. Simply head to our site, click on “license forms,” and then, in the drop-down menu, select “New Pleasure Craft License.” Then, from there, fill the form out. If you have the information you need memorized or in front of you, it could only take a few minutes. To expedite the process further, we marked the blanks you have to fill out with a red asterisk. You can do this from your phone, tablet, or another kind of mobile device.

How We Make it Possible to Fill This Form Out Through Your Phone
We do this through a process called “optimization” or as it’s also known, making our site “responsive.” That’s what makes it possible for you to open this form on your phone quickly and with full functionality. Then, you’ll be able to fill it out how and when you’d like. To that end, we don’t just make it easy to fill out these forms, we keep your information secure as well. With our SSL-encryption, we’ve made it so that you can trust that your info will be protected whether you fill out our forms on your phone or anything else.

How to Know You Need a Pleasure Craft License (or Not)
At our site, we offer applications for a new pleasure craft license, yes. But, we also offer the forms that you’ll need to register your vessel with Transport Canada as well. To tell which is right for you, ask yourself how you’re going to use the vessel. Are you going to use it for business? Or, are you going to use it to have fun with family and friends? If your answer is the latter, then a pleasure craft license is the best option for your situation.

All of the Different Forms for Your Vessel
That said, you can find all of the registration documents that you’ll need at our site as well. Indeed, whether you need a pleasure craft license or registration, you can find all of the pertinent documentation that goes along with that at our site. Whether you’re buying a vessel, selling one, researching one, or want to use the vessel you have in the manner you see fit, you can find the documents you need here at our site.

What is the Official Number of a Canadian Vessel?

If you are new to boating, you might find yourself overwhelmed at how much there is to learn. Chances are, in searching for a boat to purchase, you received a crash course in the different types of pleasure craft that are out there. Provided you have acquired your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC), you have also completed an educational course that taught you all about how to operate a boat safely. You have also probably picked up some knowledge about the basics of boat maintenance and cleaning techniques. One question you may still be asking, however, is what is the official number of a vessel?

You were probably drawn to boating because of the easygoing spirit it embodies. You may not have anticipated the prospect of navigating a sea of paperwork. Fortunately, at the National Vessel Registry Center, our experts can help you develop a working knowledge of some basic documentation matters. By knowing which documents you need to maintain with Transport Canada, you can spend less time in your home office filling out forms, and more time out on the water with your loved ones.

What is the Official Number of a Vessel? Look to Your Registration
When you purchase nearly any motorized vessel in Canada, you are required to register it with the proper transportation agency. If your boat is brand new, this will call for an initial registration. If you are buying a vessel secondhand, there is a transfer of ownership process that will need to be completed with the existing Pleasure Craft License (PCL). When you receive your certificate of registration from Transport Canada, it will contain your vessel’s official number.

Your official number will help identify your boat with government and law enforcement authorities. It is important to keep in mind, however, that this is not the same number that is found on the exterior of your boat. Understandably, this can get a bit confusing.

The number that you display on your boat’s exterior is actually your registration number, which allows for a different mode of identification. Your official number will need to be featured somewhere accessible within the interior of your boat. At a minimum, ensure that this string of digits is at least four centimeters high. Oftentimes, this number will include the prefix “O.N.”, so as to delineate it from your registration number. Beyond this interior marking, you should also keep a copy of your registration on-board at all times.

Receive Your Official Number Online with Our Help

So, now you know a bit about official numbers, but you may still be wondering how to get yours. Well, at the National Vessel Registry Center, we make it easy for boat owners like yourself to submit their registration applications online. Using our easy-to-fill web forms, coupled with an SSL-encrypted portal, you can complete your application quickly and comprehensively. By working with a private service such as ours, you can eliminate a potential lag in processing time that may occur from sending your documents in the mail. If you would like to learn more, contact us by phone or email today.

Doing a Vessel Registry to Transport Canada at Our Website

Have you been trying to find a better, simpler way to get your vessel on the vessel registry to Transport Canada? Did you look at other online vessel documentation sites only to find them frustrating and difficult to deal with? That’s perfectly understandable. Indeed, when we started the National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we wanted it to be a place where vessel owners could turn to when they needed a place they could trust. We make it easier to get on the registry and stay there.

Getting on the Vessel Registry to Transport Canada Quickly
Utilizing our site, we’ve made it possible for you to get on the Registry in just a matter of minutes. How? Simply go to our site, and click on “Registry” forms. Then, when the menu drops down, click on “First Time Registration.” When that opens up, fill out the form. Should you have the information you need at your fingertips, you’ll be able to fill this form out in a matter of minutes. To make the process go even faster, you can just fill out the parts with the red asterisks, as those are what’s necessary.

Do So From Anywhere at Any Time
You may have opened the above form and thought: “Wait, this is all way more work than I intended to do right now.” Perfectly understandable! That’s why we’ve made it so that you can fill out this form from anywhere at any time. As our site has been optimized for mobile devices and is fully responsive, you can fill this out from your laptop. You can fill it out from your phone, tablet, or any other device. This form goes where you do so that you don’t have to adjust your schedule to fill out vessel documentation.

More Documentation Than Just for Registered Vessels
Now, the above information covered registering a vessel with Transport Canada. That said, there are plenty of vessels that don’t have to be registered with Transport Canada. Indeed, they would best be served by getting a Pleasure Craft License. Again, we can help here. At our site, you can find everything you need to apply for a Pleasure Craft License. Moreover, you can also find the forms to renew it, to get a replacement, and more should you need to.

A Better Process for Smoother Waters
We know that, for so many vessel owners, the last thing they want to have to deal with is vessel documentation. Filing it out is no one’s idea of a good time, certainly. Thus, we’ve done everything in our power to make the process easier for vessel owners like yourself. For example, we have document processors on staff. They’ll go through your forms, fixing what needs to be fixed, even the smallest errors, so you don’t have to worry about getting your forms back any later than you should. To see all of the ways that we can help, head to our site today.

A Guide on Buying a Boat in the US and Bringing it to Canada

Do you have your eye on a boat in the United States but aren’t sure how to bring it home to Canada? Have you been researching what to do when you buy the boat so that you’re in compliance with the powers that be yet don’t know what the right course of action is? At the National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we believe that you should be able to buy the boat you want and use it where you want. So, these are some steps for buying a boat in the US and bringing it to Canada the right way.

What to Do Before Buying a Boat in the US
You can save yourself a lot of time by going through a broker. But, many choose not to do that, to save money and also to stay in control of the situation themselves. One thing you will have to do: organize the paperwork. That means getting everything together before you purchase the vessel. Any emails between you and the buyer, invoices, the titles, the ownership, licenses, even ads and canceled checks – if there’s something related to the vessel you want to buy, save it. You never know when you might need it.

What to Do When You Reach the Border
If you’ve ever watched an American legal drama, then you probably know the phrase “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” That’s what you want to tell Canadian Customs when you arrive with your vessel. Tell them the truth about the vessel, entirely, when they ask. That means telling them how you obtained the vessel, of course. But, it also means letting them know the vessel’s real selling price, actual value, and more. You may need to present the boat ownership as well as any bills of sale or even taxes paid as well. Again, this is why you organize the paperwork.

Once You’re Back in Canada
You’ve brought your US vessel into Canada. But, does this mean that your vessel is now a Canadian vessel? No. Not yet. To make it a Canadian vessel, you need to have it properly licensed or registered. That’s where we can help. At our site, you can find what you’ll need to have the appropriate licensing or registration for your vessel. Moreover, we’ve made our site easy to use on any device, so you can find and fill out the form you need from wherever.

Canadian Boat Forms You May Need
How are you planning on using your new vessel? If it’s more than 7.5kW (ten horsepower) and you’re only going to use it to have fun with family and friends, then getting a pleasure craft license is probably the way to go. That said, if you’re going to use it for commerce, to make some money, then odds are that you’re going to have to register it. For everything that we offer, head to our site today.